The mystery story has a timeless allure, which is both endearing and puzzling.

Most of the plots are boringly well defined to the experienced reader.

The reader knows that the culprit has to be someone who has been mentioned, at least in a fleeting sentence. There has to be a motive. And of course, the author wants to flummox the reader, so the “least suspicious” suspect is probably the favorite horse to bet on. The dull teacher or the picture perfect husband / wife always stand a higher probability of being the villain than the obviously evil businessman or mistress.

But yet, but yet, countless plots have been released and readers still do find that pleasure in solving these “well-defined mysteries”, yours truly included. Solvers of Sudokus and Crosswords are not going to stop so why should mystery buffs!

So as a homage to the many stories that have inspired me, I present my protagonists Aditya and Vikram who shall hopefully stand on the shoulders of giants such as Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Feluda et al.

As for me, I am a nondescript corporate drone, and little will be added by going into my personal description.

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