Baby Bear Meets Puppy Gog

It was a cool and sunny day. Baby Bear was sleeping comfortably curled between Momma Bear’s legs. The soft fur of Momma Bear was the best pillow in the world. Baby Bear was thinking if only some fresh honey was there, what a perfect morning it will be!

Then a bee started buzzing in Baby Bear’s ears. Baby Bear said,”Oh no, not again. Big Bee don’t spoil my sleep”

Big Bee said,”Wake up Baby Bear. Don’t be so lazy! Sun has come up long time ago! Time for you to run and play with other bears”

Baby bear said,”That white bear always cheats in hide and seek. I don’t want to play. I just want to sleep, curled in my mommy’s legs”

Mommy bear who was fast asleep till then, opened one eye and looked at Baby bear. She said,”Baby, go and play now. I need to go for gathering food.”

Baby bear said with a frown,”But you say like this and come back late! You are like the raven bird mothers”. The raven birds often left the nest too early, so raven mothers were blamed for not supervising their children enough.

Mommy Bear smiled and said,”No no, I will be on time, Promise. “

Baby bear got up and shook its body. Then it walked slowly to the nearby river. The river was sparkling white today, reflecting the sun’s rays. She came all the way down from the mountains, providing life wherever she touched.

The two banks of the river were lush with greenery and fresh fruit trees were in full blossom.

Baby bear bent down and tasted the water. The water was cool and refreshing.

While it was in the water, the other baby bears called out.

“Hey, come and join us quickly. We are going to the farmer’s house to get some honey”

Baby bear ran happily towards the friends. The honey in the farmer’s house was the best!


As they neared the farmer’s house, they heard a strange and new sound.

All the bears hid behind a tree.

From behind the tree, they could clearly see that the farmer had got a big bad dog!

The dog was tall, sturdy and had big teeth.

Baby bear was frightened and wanted to go back to Momma bear.

But chocolate brown bear said,”Barking dogs don’t bite. Let’s go forward. Nothing will happen”

Baby bear thought, “This chocolate bear is always over confident. One time, chocolate bear made everybody jump into water. He said bears will always float. Thank God, Momma bear was nearby to rescue them that day!”

So Baby bear blinked many times in indecision. Chocolate bear taunted,”What baby bear, always afraid. Are you a bear or pussy cat?”

Baby bear said,”You go ahead, I don’t want to come. I want Momma bear”

All the bears laughed and said,”What a coward! Call yourself baby pussy cat from now”


The other bears hatched a plan. Baby bear placed itself safely between two branches of a tree and saw everything.

The other bears spoke,”These dogs are crazy about bones. Chocolate bear found a bone nearby. White bear throw the bone on other side, alert the dog and come to us”

We will sneak through the back side of the house and get the honey jars from the shed.”

White bear took the bone and went to the opposite side.

But the Big Bad Dog smelt the bone! It came behind white bear. White bear ran as fast as possible, but Big Dog was fast gaining.

Baby bear looked at all this with alarm.

Meanwhile chocolate bear and others, were sneaking up to the garage.

Big Bad Dog pulled the bone from white bear and bit it. White bear began to cry.

The Dog looked back and saw the other gang

The Big Dog reached the other bears and bit all of them.

All the small bears were crying as they limped home. Baby bear quietly joined them and they all walked to their caves without talking.

On the way, baby bear was thinking, “What a bad dog! It could have just stopped with barking. Why bite and do all this cannibal behavior?”

Dogs and bears could never be friends!


Just as the bears were reaching their caves, chocolate bear spotted a small pup lying near the bank of the river. All the bears immediately got angry.

White bear shouted,”Here is a pup lying helplessly. Let’s take our revenge. Let the Big Dog know what will happen to their friends if they mess with us”

The other bears were so tired. Chocolate bear simply said,”I need my momma to apply bandage on me. I am hungry, I just want to go home”

All the bears agreed.

Baby bear said, “Hey guys, this pup is harmless. It is not even related to the Big Bad Dog. Why do you want to attack it tomorrow?”

The other bears just said, “Shut up baby bear! No understanding of this world. You just go to your mommy and eat honey.”


Baby bear ran quickly up the steps to the caves to talk to mommy.

Mommy was lying in a relaxed manner, scratching it’s back. Today was a good day.

Mommy hunted this big seal which will last for atleast 15 days. Mommy was rubbing her hands and eating some berries in delight.

Baby bear ran to mommy, with big open eyes, told mommy,”Mommy, I am very confused”

It went closer to the ear and whispered the happenings of the day.

Mommy bear affectionately kissed baby bear, took the child in her lap and said,”Baby bear, your friends are really adventurous! There is no need to unnecessarily make enemies with Big Bad Dog. Everyone has a purpose on this world and Big Bad Dog’s nature is to fight and protect.”

“But aren’t all bears and dogs enemies”, Baby bear asked with a sad look in it’s face

“Not at all, baby bear! It is about the nature of every person”

“Then I want to save that little goggy pup!”, baby bear said with a determined look, from the lap of mommy

Then baby bear described the cute pup lying near the river bank and the evil plans of the other bears.

Soon mommy and baby bear reached the river bank.

It was getting dark. The small pup, not larger than momma bear’s wrist, was curled up behind a rock.

It was brown in colour and had the tiniest eyes.

As baby bear neared the puppy gog, the tiny pup had a look of alarm in it’s eyes. The eyes seemed to say, “Please don’t hurt me”

Baby bear sensed the goggy’s uneasiness and gently stroked the little gog’s fur.

On touching it, baby bear could see the poor goggy was shivering.

Baby bear turned to mommy and said,”Mommy mommy, this goggy is shivering”

Baby bear stroked the pup’s fur and said, “Don’t worry goggy. We are here to rescue you! We will take you to our little cave and give you food and warmth”

The cute gog stroked baby bear’s cheeks to express gratitude.

Baby bear’s eyes lit up with a sense of joy that Mommy bear had never seen.

Mommy bear stood up. Baby bear caught the pup tenderly with her teeth. She climbed on mommy bear’s back and all of them went back to the cave.

Puppy Gog felt very secure and got a lot of energy. It started tickling baby bear.

Baby bear yelped with delight.

Mommy bear asked smiling,”So who is your new best friend?”

Baby bear shouted happily, “Puppy Gog! My bear friends are only secondary!”

———————————-THE END——————————